An Introduction To Sports Betting


Name me something that everyone thinks about regularly beginning with the letter S? That’s right – Sports. Sports create every bit as much passion within us as sex can do – making your pulse race, perspire more and, wow, that heavenly release when your team or favorite wins. Furthermore, no matter what your sport is; football, hockey, racing, tennis or golf etc – placing a bet on the outcome of a particular event can add that little bit of extra edge and excitement.
Money line or spread bet?

If you’re a newcomer to gambling, let alone sports betting, then getting to grips with the odds is the first thing to do. Having grasped the idea of the money line and how the sports book makes its profit from the vigorish, placing money line sports bets on the outcome of an event is quite straightforward; a ‘negative’ money line signifies the favorite and a ‘positive’ one the underdogs. This is OK if you just want to predict an outright winner, but what if you’d like to move to a more sophisticated type of sports bet? Taking the example of say the NBA Playoff Final, you just could place a money line bet on who’ll win and sit back and enjoy the game knowing there’s a 50:50 chance you’ll win. However, placing a points spread sports bet you’re actually saying you can predict how much one team will win or lose – there having to use much greater skill and sophistication in placing your bet. For a straight win/lose bet the sports book will determine the money line based on their opinion as to who will win – in a points spread bet you can add value to your bet predicting what the points difference will be between the winners and losers. Another popular sports bet on the points in a game is an ’over/under’ sports bet – where you predict what the total number of points in a game will be.
Exotic sports bets

There are many different types of exotic sports bets, of which the following are the most popular. A firm favorite for sports betting fans is the Parlay. A Parley bet is usually placed on any sport with, typically, more than one event in a day. For example in a single day at the race track placing a sports bet that covers several horses in different races throughout the day to win, or on a particular Saturday predicting that certain football teams will win. Parlay sports bets can really add to your sense of excitement and anticipation – as the more the results go your way the bigger your winnings will be. However, there are of course increased risks as you’re not reliant on the outcome of one event, so it’s best to keep Parley wagering amounts low at the start. Proposition sports bets are often seen as little more than chance bets requiring no or very little skill. You decide for yourself if this example is a proposition bet or not – which team will win the toss before Super Bowl XLV? Futures sports bets are, just like on futures on the Stock Exchanges, wagers against the likely outcome of a future event. A typical futures sports bet would be placing a bet at the start of the season as to who’ll win the NHL or in January placing a bet on who’ll win the Masters etc. You’re placing a bet on a long term event which, at the time you make the bet, there really isn’t sufficient information to make a truly informed decision on. You can win big on these sports bets, which are very popular with sports fans who are convinced that ‘their’ team will win.
Online intriguing proposition sports bets

The increasing popularity of online sports betting has given rise to a whole new raft of intriguing proposition sports bets. The very immediacy of online betting has brought about this phenomena, as you can be sitting in a stadium, at home or in a bar enjoying a game live or on TV and using your computer or mobile device place an immediate online sports bet in just a few clicks. So, rather than just placing a money line or spread bet – you can actually place all sorts of proposition bets during the game. For example, a Quarterback throws the ball 60 yards – will that be the longest throw of the game?