Sports Bets and Handicapping


In order to get more enjoyment out of your sports betting it is good to gain any insight at all in to the basics of sports bets and handicapping strategies because these strategies help you to improve your insight on sports betting. Any sports bet you place will involve a degree of handicapping, so it’s not just connected to sports bets at the race track and the familiar weights handicaps that jockeys have to ride with. As a person who bets on sports online you can take control yourself in determining likely handicaps, the probability of what will happen in a particular sporting event, looking at things as diverse as the weather conditions and the players or teams’ statistics.

Methods of Handicapping

There are three types of handicapping that are given to you to try out freely, in reality most handicappers, the people who analyze betting information, generally mix and match handicapping styles to arrive at their conclusions as to what may or may not happen in a certain sporting event. Firstly, there’s fundamental handicapping, here as the person wanting to place a bet on a particular sports event you’ll study the strengths and weaknesses of the players and teams involved in a certain game. Having found a particular strength in one team and weakness in another, like tall offense and/or short defense in two basketball teams – then that could help you to bet on a particular points spread result. However, it is more complex statistics that most handicappers rely on, after all it only needs a couple of player changes in a team and the once seemingly fundamental handicap all of a sudden disappears like smoke into thin air. Anyone can pick up potentially useful information from only looking at statistics, but to really make this pay off for you, you need to apply a statistical model that no one else has spotted now. That usually requires you to develop your own statistical model, rather than following one particular you picked up from somewhere else. The final handicapping method is the technical one. Like statistical handicappers a technical handicapper will be statistically minded one, but their focus will be on the outcome of previous played games or events between opposing teams and certain players.

Handicapping on a strategic base

The following instructional tips and tricks are intended to help you get into the swing of only making winning bets. Firstly, try and stick to just one sport. Every sport will need a new approach to the statistical model you apply and if you’re still at the introduction to statistics level (which clearly is the basis and not quite advanced – but I promise you will get there in no time if you train hard!) – chances are you won’t be able to keep your statistical model ahead of the field, not to mention the difficulty of monitoring all the different players and teams across multiple sports. If you should lose, or even worse lose bad, get over it quickly and don’t ever start betting more to make up your losses – you’ve got the plan so just simply stick to it. If you can’t resist exotics then you’re going to struggle with using handicapping strategies. Exotics are there for one reason only – to draw in bets on an outsider! Never forget one thing – outsiders aren’t your style any more, you’re only interested in ‘informed’ bets. Unusual trends are no substitute for long-term statistics; a team with four wins on the bounce in the sun is no reason to think they’ve turned a corner when your statistics tell you over the last five seasons they’ve only won four games all year. This is true even if you like the fundamental handicapping system, four games isn’t a season – let alone several seasons. Look at the key numbers you might go for in points spreads, especially in football games. The number of bets on 3 or 7 points will be huge, but how many might go for 2 or 6, or 4 or 8 points and what odds might you get for them? Finally, especially if you’re placing bets online, look around for the best online sports books. If you can always find the lowest digs – over the course of a season that’ll add up to quite a tidy sum saved.