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It offers various casino and gambling games such as table games,video poker,bowling, darts, roulette,slots,jackpots, and Blackjack. All its games function on Random Number Generator (RNG) software which ensures that the outcome of the game is purely random and unexpected. is the official website of the organization and it publishes its audited reports on monthly basis.
Rewards and payments: The Company offers bonuses to new players and encourages players to play various games. Whenever a person wins game, reward gets credited to the account of the player. If a player needs any further help, he or she can directly contact a member of our Customer Services Team.

Withdrawals: Customers are supposed to enter verification code in order to ensure the account security during thewithdrawal of the amount.
Security: It uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to ensure the security of the confidential data related to the customer, to the maximum possible extent.
How to download and install: In case anybody wants to download and install the gaming software, the player can download it just by clicking on the Instant Play link.
To download and play the game, following are some of the minimum requirements:

512 Mega Bytes of RAM
256 Mega Byte video card
950 Mega Byte empty space on hard drive
Pentium III
Internet Explorer (6.0 version or above)
Microsoft Windows (XP version or above)
The player can contact its customer services team, in case a player forgets his username or password.

Social Responsibility: It gives so much of importance to social responsibility and it does not allow any player to play gambling game in case they are under 18. A player is allowed to play only when he is from a country where gambling is legalized. Testing of software: The company tests all its games through various kinds of tests prior to making it available to customers. All its gaming software is tested by TST, an internationally reputed testing service.

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Betting Laws in Florida

Although betting law in Florida is not as restrictive as some American states compared to many other western countries, especially those of Europe, betting law in Florida is almost draconian. Of key significance here to most gamblers is that Pari-Mutuel gambling at racetracks is permitted, but unfortunately commercial gambling, or casino gambling, is a very grey area when it comes to betting and Florida law. However, you can find card rooms offering poker games associated with Jai Alai Frontons and racetracks – as too are the only official slot machine sites in Florida.

Internet gambling and betting law in Florida
Before going on to consider in more detail the situation regarding the sort of betting activities you can enjoy on a night-out in Florida – you might be interested to know what the situation is in Florida regarding internet gambling and playing online casino games like poker, roulette and blackjack. Please be aware that, when reading this, don’t forget that the Federal Wire act of 1961 could be applied to online gambling in Florida. Otherwise, Florida actually currently enjoys a fairly relaxed attitude towards internet gambling. Basically in the US states are divided into those that have passed laws to expressly prohibit placing online bets and those that, to date, haven’t. As you might have guessed from the lead up to this – at present Florida state law does not expressly prohibit internet gambling and betting, so playing online casino games would appear to be quite legal here.

Chance, skill and betting law in Florida
Across the United States determining if a game is one of chance or skill is often used to determine whether or not betting on the outcome of a game will be legally allowed. Where the outcome of a game is merely deemed to be down to chance the likelihood of betting on it being allowed is very small indeed, whereas betting on a game of skill may well be allowed. To illustrate this point the outcome of a horse race will be affected by the skill of a jockey – but most states will assert that a game of poker is mere chance, dependant of the cards randomly dealt and not considering any skill on behalf of the player in deciding what to do with those cards. So, a game of chance is likely to violate state gambling laws but a game of skill is not likely to; to determine if a game is one of chance or skill the ‘dominant factor test’ is applied. Florida is one of only seven that doesn’t apply that test when determining if betting on a game can be allowed. Whether this is a good or bad thing for gamblers in Florida is difficult to assess, but it would certainly account for the difficulty in locating a roulette table in the state! Of course an irony here is that Florida does allow lottery gambling. So, if you live in Florida and want to play some casino games like roulette, your only recourse might well be to play online roulette.

Escaping the Florida betting laws on a casino cruise
Just in case you don’t already know – Florida is a peninsula with over 1000 miles of coastline, that has many ports and harbors. Subsequently one very easy way to circumvent the state and federal laws regarding gambling in Florida is to book yourself on to one of the many casino cruises that regularly depart. Casino cruises can last several days and be treated as part of a vacation or they can depart from a port and return to the same place just a few hours later. All that the cruise ship has to do is make international waters and you are free of any US gambling laws and restrictions. Aboard these casino cruises you can enjoy playing all the regular casino games like blackjack, slots, craps, roulette, poker and baccarat etc. However, if your sea legs aren’t too good – perhaps you’ll be better off using an online casino instead.